Alibi Creek Tales take you to rural New Mexico. There you'll discover "Small Towns, Big Secrets" and "Small Towns, Big Stories."

Following a two-year prison stint, Walker Walker returns to his family’s New Mexico ranch where Lee Ann, his pious older sister takes care of their ailing mother, raises two sons, and grapples with the unethical workplace demands at the county commissioner’s office. Walker immediately takes to his old ways, instigating a property scam with his ex-wife and former cellmate. His reckless life careens into Lee Ann’s careful one, forcing her to examine their sibling bond and question her beliefs.

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June, a widow living alone in the New Mexico wilderness, offers room and board to a Mexican man who has entered the United States illegally.  While her relationship with Fidel deepens, a letter from a distant uncle informs June, who was adopted from birth, that she has biological siblings living close to the Arizona/Mexico border. June longs to bond with kin, but their views threaten her attachment to Fidel, raising issues of loyalty, trust, compassion, and prejudice.

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Equity is the story of three men: Moose, a New Mexico rancher who murders his wife and in-laws; Clay, the undersheriff who attempts to arrest him; and Lyle, the aging sheriff who returns from vacation to find his loyal undersheriff missing and three dead. When Moose presents an airtight alibi, Lyle administers his own brand of justice, intent on forcing a showdown where he can shoot Moose in self-defense. In this literary assemblage, events overlap and intertwine to reveal each man’s agenda, motives, and punishment.

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Emilia, a devoted mother, and her widowed son, Monte, live a mile apart on an isolated ranch in southwestern New Mexico. Bound by tradition and affection, their lives are routine and predictable. Enter Marla, an exotic stranger needing a favor, who seduces Monte and moves into his house, claiming love at first sight. Distant and evasive, she claims to work online and to require nothing more than her laptop and the contents of her suitcase. She is obviously a city girl. Won’t she get bored? Has she no obligations? Where is her family? Lust and suspicion drive a wedge between mother and son as Emilia searches for answers.

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Enjoy the complete set of Alibi Creek Tales, signed by the author.

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About the Author

I was born in Toronto, Canada, and immigrated to the US in 1964, where I received an MA in Art (major: ceramics) from the Claremont Graduate School in California. In my early thirties the Roswell Artist–in-Residence grant brought me to New Mexico, and from Roswell I settled in Albuquerque. My dream had always been to live under the big sky in the wide, open spaces and after a thirty-four year career as a visual artist, I moved to the New Mexico wilderness and remained there for seventeen years. During that time I began to write literary fiction inspired by the Gila National Forest and its people. I was awarded a 2010 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship and received a Norman Mailer Fiction Fellowship in 2011. My first novel, Alibi Creek, now out of print, was published in 2016, after which I retained the rights and revised the book as Walker Walker. My novel, Desplazado, was a finalist in the 2018 Women Writing the West Willa Awards. Equity went through many revisions and was printed in 2018, the same year as Nothing Fancy. I have always envisioned these books as a set; which together describe a place.

I now live in Albuquerque where I continue to write and make art.

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